Master of Science in Teaching

The Master of Science in Teaching (MST) program offers science and math teachers and student teachers a mentored research experience based on a hands-on, problem-solving, experimental approach.

The goal of the teacher internship is to improve the quality of mathematics and science education in Maine by immersing pre-service and in-service educators in an intensive, mentored scientific research experience.

Our fundamental premise is that mentored collaboration with cutting-edge research scientists and mathematicians fosters a better understanding of the process of science and an enriched appreciation for the relevance of the math and science content that interns will teach.

The program also supports the development of innovative and effective research-based, student-centered, guided-inquiry curricula for high school classrooms. Implementation of this hands-on, problem-solving approach will further student learning and inspire more Maine students to pursue careers in mathematics and science.

This program is a partnership with the University of Maine

UMaine provides structured support for the teacher-interns by integrating their mentored internship experience into a graduate course, Research-Related Curriculum Development in Science and Mathematics. In this for-credit course, conducted seminar-style at The Jackson Laboratory, the interns identify learning objectives related to their research projects that are aligned with Maine and national learning standards.

They design curricula that emphasize guided inquiry and active learning to help students meet these learning objectives. Student teachers and sabbatical teacher interns implement their curricula in Maine classrooms and present their research and inquiry-based curricula in a poster session at a statewide conference.

Find out more about prerequisites, curriculum and the application process at the University of Maine.

Application info

Find out more about prerequisites, curriculum and the application process at the University of Maine.